I’m a big fan of vases. They look elegant on their own. And can instantly make a bouquet or single flower look stylish. No need for heavy decorations on the vase itself. And yet, for me as a studio potter the vase is a format for exploration, for self-expression.

All vases below are one-off pieces. 

Interested? Send me an email using the link ‘info & ordering’ on the productpages and let me know your contact information and the specification of your chosen item(s). 

By the way, you’ll find many more vases at my studio. Come and visit me!

Vase Sora €65

Vase Awa €55

Vase Kezuri €65

Vase Ishikoro €65

Vase Doroppu €65

Vase Tama €70

Vase Kuriimu €70

Vase Buronzu SOLD

Vase Bizen €70

Vase Koishi €55

Vase Hikage SOLD

Vase Tora €65

Vase Tamagochi €65

Vase Yawaraka €60

Vase Maki €70

Vase Sabi €65

Vase Kobu €60

Vase Oribe €65

Vase Wabi €60

Vase Aomidori €65