Most of the pieces are made on the wheel. Some are built-up by hand. I make my own glazes, often inspired by old traditions. I am firing the electrical kiln at 1220° C – 1280° C – making the ceramics strong and waterproof. Each piece is unique.

For me, less is more. Beauty as I appreciate it, is timeless, simple, and warm with an honest aesthetics. My love for all things Japanese has influenced the shapes and surfaces of my ceramics.

Ceramics make you appreciate the beauty that lies in the small things of live, such as in subtle differences in tone and texture. And in that one imperfection. Pieces that invite to be touched.



Hoogstraat 48

5352 LC Deursen-Dennenburg

The Netherlands

+31 (6) 18 90 65 93



Open on Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm and on appointment