EVENT:  Galerie Sous-Terre

LOCATION: Batterijstraat 23a in Lith

DATE: currently

OPENING HOURS: sun 13-17 h and on appointment

What a wonderful year of making ceramics, what a wonderful way of finishing this year with these three vases. You’ll find them at Gallery Sous-Terre in Lith/ The Netherlands.
For the webshop, just type in my surname – Sey – and you will be taken to the relevant page. Or use this link: https://sous-terre.nl/?s=sey


Foto by @chesakalina @oekraiense_fotograaf



EVENT: Studio Sale 

LOCATION:  Ceramics Studio Anne Sey 

DATE: 23 nov. – 24 dec. 2022

OPENING HOURS: During day or in the evening

Walking along the shelves in my studio is making fond memories. How quickly this year has gone, what a productive year: five exhibitions and several markets.
Behind the door of my workshop a new delivery of some two hundred kilos of clay. And in my head already so many plans, so many ideas for that one powerful shape, that special texture, that brilliant glaze. So much fun ahead.
A beautiful bowl on the table, a sprig in a unique vase, a handmade tea bowl in the morning in your hand. Fun, enjoying the beauty of the little things in life. That’s what ceramics do to us. As gifts to ourselves, as gifts to our loved ones.
So in the coming month Studio Sale at my place, on almost everything 30-50% off. We can meet during the day or in the evening. By car, take the Ravenstein exit on the A50 motorway. By train station Ravenstein – I can come and pick you up. See you soon!


EVENT:  Nationale Kunstdagen 2022

LOCATION: Gorinchem/ Evenementenhal ‘Next Level’, Franklinweg 2

DATE: 19-20 november 2022

OPENING HOURS: 11-17.30 h

The National Art Days are coming up! You can find me there at booth 15 with a new collection of ceramics. During the Nationale Kunstdagen, more than 130 artists from the Netherlands, and some from Belgium and Germany, present their work.
The selection is large: you will find paintings, sculptures in wood, bronze and stone. There are also photographic artworks and ceramics. 

Put in your calendar:
19-20 November 2022, 11-17.30h/ Gorinchem Evenementenhal 

If you send me a message, I will give you a code for 100% discount on the regular ticket if entered correctly and clicked on ‘apply discount’.
See you soon in Gorinchem!



EVENT: Exhibition Sous-Terre Art Fair

LOCATION:  City centre of Ravenstein

DATE: 15-16/10/2022


Welcome to the atelier route Ravenstein! You will find me at Marktstraat 12 – yes, the most beautiful spot in this gem of a historic town. I will be showing my latest work and, of course, you can buy my ceramics – vases, bowls, teacups…. And to mark the occasion, I have many on sale! Also visit my colleagues – jeweller, painter, woodworker, clockmaker, glass artist, blacksmith, photographer, architect, upholsterer…. and many more. See you soon.  


EVENT:  Exhibition at Galerie Huis ter Heide

LOCATION: Norgervaart 10 in Huis ter Heide/ Drenthe

DATE: 2 september t/m 30 october 2022

OPENING HOURS: 13-17.00 h

As a guest artist I show recent work in the autumn exhibition of the Drenthe artist collective. Come by!


EVENT: Exhibition Ravenstein

LOCATION: Garrison Church in Ravenstein

DATE: July 22, 23, 24 and 29, 30, 31


Coming soon – exhibition of the Art & Craft Guild Ravenstein, of which I am a member as a ceramist. Our love for solid handicraft and artistic craftsmanship unites us. Come see our recent work!
July 22, 23, 24 and 29, 30, 31 from 11:00 to 17:00 in the Garrison Church in Ravenstein.


EVENT:  National Studio Weekend/ Landelijk Atelierweekend

LOCATION: At my studio at Hoogstraat 48/ Deursen-Dennenburg

DATE: 25 & 26 June 2022

OPENING HOURS: 12-17.00 h

Welcome at my ceramics studio for a sales exhibition and a tour of my workplace.


EVENT: Exhibition Sous-Terre Art Fair

LOCATION: De Tuinen in Appeltern

DATE: m 28/05/-06/06/2022

OPENING HOURS: Mo-su 10h/18h

You’ll find some of my work at the exhibition of the Sous-Terre Art Fair in the botanical garden in Appeltern. 

See also the link to their webshop were also other work is available https://appeltern.nl/nl/shop/kunst/ 


EVENT:  Gokan – Japan-event in Utrecht

LOCATION: De SCHUUR, Wijde Doelen 8, Utrecht/ The Netherlands

DATE: 5th of June 2022

OPENING HOURS: 10.30-21.30 h

Fantastic Japan-event in the city of Utrecht, with flowers and dance and music, and some of my ceramics inspired by Japanese design. Find there your favorite Ikebana-vase and teabowl!


EVENT: Exhibition

LOCATION: De Tuinen in Appeltern

DATE: 28/05 – 06/06/2022

OPENING HOURS: Mo-su 10h/18h

Natsu no tsuki – summer moon – so the title of my third exhibition this summer. From May 28 until June 6, 2022 you can find my work at the Sous-Terre Art Fair in the “Tuinen van Appeltern”. This time I was inspired by the theme ‘summer moon’ and wrote this little poem.

May I come with you,
Summer moon.
To be so connected,
To rest, for a moment, in silence,
Perfectly beautiful.

I myself will be there on May 28 and 29 and on June 3,4,5 and 6. See you soon!


EVENT:  Exhibition at Galery Tineke van Gils

LOCATION: Galery Tineke van Gils in Schipsluiden/ The Netherlands/ Rijksstraatweg 16

DATE: 5th of May/ 19th of June 2022

OPENING HOURS: wo-su 11-17h

I’ll be there on the 15th of May.

At a beautiful location, I participate in an exhibition of 14 ceramic artists in the gallery of Tineke van Gils. Please stop by and take a look at her farm. I show work in which I express my love for Japanese design – subdued use of colour, powerful shapes with sometimes a subtle play of rough surfaces and facetting.


EVENT: Exhibition

LOCATION: De Tuinen in Appeltern

DATE: from the 13th of April 2022

OPENING HOURS: Mo-su 10h/18h

You’ll find some of my work at the exhibition of the Galery Sous-Terre in the botanical garden in Appeltern. 

See also the link to their webshop were my work is available https://appeltern.nl/nl/shop/kunst/ 


EVENT:  Solo-exhibition in Galerie Silex

LOCATION: Galerie Silex near Den Bosch

DATE: 01-31 maart 2022

meet & greet on 19/03 and 26/03, 13-16h

OPENING HOURS: mo – fr. 9/17h, sat 10/16h

Wonderful place, great light…

Come along and have a look!


EVENT: Solo exhibition

LOCATION: Galery Silex

DATE: 01-31th of March 2022

OPENING HOURS: Mo-vr 9/17h, sa 10/16h

At Silex I usually buy my clay – white, brown, black. This time I have there a solo exhibition. From clay to ceramics, how wonderful… 

The exhibition is titled haru no ogawa – 春の小川 – spring river. 

An old Japanese song tells of a stream that gently ripples and joyfully encourages the flowers by the bedside:

“Now is the time to bloom”.

PAST EVENT: Gallery Sous-Terre in De Tuinen

LOCATION: Appeltern

DATE: 15/ 10 – 28/11 2021

OPENING HOURS: 11.00 hr – 17.00 hr

This year, oh boy… what a rollercoaster, as for all of us, no explanation necessary. And yet, I’m blessed to have had so many wonderful chances to show my work. Among them even two exhibitions organized by the lovely Sous-Terre-Gallery in Appeltern. The second one had just finished on last Sunday – after two exciting months. This picture is a dear memory…
There are still one-off, handmade pieces waiting for a new home. Have a look at my webshop. And better, visit me at my studio for more choices and up to 50%off. See you soon!

EVENT: Sale of my ceramics at shop and webshop

LOCATION: ’t Japanse Winkeltje at Amsterdam

DATE: currently…

OPENING HOURS: Tue-Zat 10.00 hr – 18.00 hr

What an honour! You’ll find some of my work at the fantastic shop and webshop ”t Japanse Winkeltje’ in Amsterdam/ Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 177.

PAST EVENT: Open studio route

LOCATION: Ravenstein

DATE: 16th and 17th of October 2021

OPENING HOURS: 11.00 hr – 17.00 hr

The open studio route is organized by the Arts & Crafts Association of Ravenstein. On the 16th and 17th of October from 11 to 17 o’clock different studios and workplaces are open to the public in Ravenstein and vicinity. You will find me in de windmill/ beer brewery of Ravenstein with a small exhibition.


PAST EVENT:  Sous-Terre Art Fair Appeltern

 LOCATION:  ‘De Tuinen van Appeltern’

 DATE : 4 th-12th of September 2021

 OPENING HOURS: 10.00 hr – 17.00 hr

Fantastic art fair with paintings, scupltures… Visit me at stand 15 with my sales exhibition of ceramics. 


PAST EVENT: Small sales exhibition together with Nellie Aldenhoven

LOCATION: Ewijk, Dijk 7

DATE: 23th-29th of July 2021

OPENING HOURS: 12.00 hr – 17.00 hr

Small sales exhibition – ‘Simplicity and wonderment’. I’ll show new work inspired by Japanese ceramics. Nellie will present work made of paper and residual wood.

PAST EVENT: National Open studioroute

LOCATION: Deursen-Dennenburg

DATE: 26th and 27th of July 2021

OPENING HOURS: 1o.00 hr – 17.00 hr

Meet the maker! Welcome to my studio…

PAST EVENT: Snuf en shoe – concept store



OPENING HOURS: see website snufenshoe

PAST EVENT: Gallery Zone – Small sales exhibition


DATE: until 4th of may 2021

OPENING HOURS: see special opening hours due to covid19 on the website of the galery

Traditionally the Japanese celebrated the beauty of the approaching winter

First snow, hatsu yuki – 初雪

Longing for a white, wintery world

Hatsu yuki, my new collection of ceramics. Grey celadon and iron-based glazes on stoneware


PAST EVENT: Fruit Show – Cancelled due to Covid 19

LOCATION: Doesburg

DATE: 7th and 8th of November 2020

OPENING HOURS: 10.00 hr – 17.00 hr 

Yearly Fruit Show of the museum garden ’t Olde Ras on the 7th and 8th of November 2020. Come and admire hundreds of varieties of appels and peers. And visit my small sales exhibition of my ceramics.

PAST EVENT: Open studioroute – Cancelled due to Covid 19

LOCATION: Ravenstein

DATE: 17th and 18th of October 2020

OPENING HOURS: 11.00 hr – 17.00 hr

The open studio route is organized by the Arts & Crafts Association of Ravenstein. On the 17th and 18th of October from 11 to 18 o’clock different studios and workplaces are open to the public in Ravenstein and vicinity. You will find me in de windmill/ beer brewery of Ravenstein with a small exhibition.

PAST EVENT: Sous Terre Artfair

LOCATION: Appeltern

DATE: 5th-13th of September 2020

OPENING HOURS: 10.00 hr – 18.00 hr



Hoogstraat 48

5352 LC Deursen-Dennenburg

The Netherlands

+31 (6) 18 90 65 93



Open on Wednesday from 7 pm to 8 pm and on appointment